Friday, May 27, 2011

TK version 2

After the first intail test of the new TK, I have decided to switch the list up some. Drop the archers, shrink the chariots but improve steam rolling power, more magic, and keep the Warsphinx. Onto the list for 2500.


LHP lvl 4 5+ward channeling staff

TK-GW, shield, Armor of Fortune, Dragonbane Gem, and Death Mask (no gen ld and no bsb within 6", oh and causes terror)


TP Spear charmed shield Chariot (time bomb with T5)

Core: 8 horse archers (placements fillers or use for WM hunting via scouting)

6 chariots for TP escort - deployed 3x2 with extra in rear

2 units of 40 skeleton warriors full cmd (grind out units)


Warsphinx with breath upgrade

3 carrion (love these guys)

29 TG full cmd banner of undying legion Halberds (TK goes here)


Casket (gots to have another ticking time bomb)

1 Catapult(hoping the crew get some training from my empire army)

ends up at 2499 points. A whole bunch of less shooty but more hand to hand. Suggestions, Likey? No Likey? this is the last chance for a pricey chariot unit to try out before testing other units such as ushabti and Heirotitan.

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