Friday, May 27, 2011

TK version 2

After the first intail test of the new TK, I have decided to switch the list up some. Drop the archers, shrink the chariots but improve steam rolling power, more magic, and keep the Warsphinx. Onto the list for 2500.


LHP lvl 4 5+ward channeling staff

TK-GW, shield, Armor of Fortune, Dragonbane Gem, and Death Mask (no gen ld and no bsb within 6", oh and causes terror)


TP Spear charmed shield Chariot (time bomb with T5)

Core: 8 horse archers (placements fillers or use for WM hunting via scouting)

6 chariots for TP escort - deployed 3x2 with extra in rear

2 units of 40 skeleton warriors full cmd (grind out units)


Warsphinx with breath upgrade

3 carrion (love these guys)

29 TG full cmd banner of undying legion Halberds (TK goes here)


Casket (gots to have another ticking time bomb)

1 Catapult(hoping the crew get some training from my empire army)

ends up at 2499 points. A whole bunch of less shooty but more hand to hand. Suggestions, Likey? No Likey? this is the last chance for a pricey chariot unit to try out before testing other units such as ushabti and Heirotitan.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts About Our Last Game

Was thinking about our latest game. K was at a disadvantage to begin with. I have been working on ironing out the wrinkles in my high elf list for months. I have been playing against the Empire a lot lately and just getting crushed. I have tried everything against the empire. Even a mostly Cav list. I just kept getting dominated. I think the empire is just a bad March up for the high elves. K murders my infantry and Cav with his war machines(1 cannon, 1 mortar, 1 rocket battery) he shuts down my magic with his 3 extra dispelled dice. I was very happy to fight the tomb kings and with my list.

Now as for the game. I think The warsphinx is going to be great. Not all armies have a cannon they can just knock it down with. In fact, it looks right now, the best answer for the high elves to deal with it, is to avoid it, and let archers shoot at it for a few rounds. 2 units of 12 Archers would deal 2 wounds before the save. 2-3 rounds of shooting would leave it almost dead.

K Chariots would of done almost double the wounds they did, had my spearmen not had +4 toughness. I think with the right set up they can be fielded in numbers from 3-6, but much larger, i think they will just be a point sink. It's not like you can do point denial with them, granted, Always Strike First hurt them badly!

The Tomb King Archers and Cats didn't really do anything the whole game. I think the Cats will be ok, they just scattered badly in this first game. The Archers on the other hand just don't seem to be really worth anything. Almost always hitting on a 5 is great, until you think about most archers, in most cases, will hit on a 5. Is it really that big of a deal? They can't even stand and shoot and with my high elf infantry having an average charge range of 12, that hurts a lot.

Well that's all for now, more thoughts to come.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

High Elves vs Tomb Kings 5-16-11

Army List: 2500
Lord: 350
Arch Mage, LVL 4, Life, Reaver Bow, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury

Heros: 349
Noble, BSB, GW, Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix
Noble, GW, Shield, GE, Helm of Fortune, Ironcurse Icon

Core: 630
Spearmen. Full Cmd, Banner of Swiftness
15 Archers, (AM)
10 Archers

Special: 1071
24 Phoenix Guard, Full Cmd, Banner of Sorcery (BSB)
25 White Lions, Full Cmd, Potion of Foolhardiness, Gleaming Pendant
14 Sword Masters, Musician

Rare: 100
2 Great Eagles

We went with an empty table because we were really limited in time. We both deployed with only a small amount of thought going into it. From memory I deployed (left to right) Swordmasters, 10 Archers, Noble GE and GE behind Archers, Phoenix Guard(BSB), Spearmen, 15 Archers(AM), White Lions on the far right flank. K deployed (left to right) Horse Archers, Warsphinx behind HA, Huge Block of Archers, Block of Warriors, unit of 9 Chariots, Carrion, more HA, his Tomb Guard were across from my White Lions OUCH! In the back he had a Cat in one corner, in the other he had a Cat and Casket.

To start the game off, I screwed up with my Eagles. For some reason I kept thinking they get a vanguard move. Well they don't. It really didn't have an effect on the outcome of the game other then making me feel dumb. K vanguarded with his Carrion, and both HA. I got first turn for the first time in about 1.8 million games. Well, maybe like 8 games, but it has been a few months since I went first.
1st turn:

I charged the SM in to the HA.
Moved my Noble up behind the SM.
Moved my Eagle as far as I could to threaten his High Liche Priest.
PG forward 10 inches.
SM forward 12 inches
WL forward 8-10 inches

The winds were kind, and I believe I rolled around 9 , then got another 2 or 3 from the banner. I cast Thrown of Vines and Flesh to Stone on the Spearmen, then K dispelled Dwellers on his Chariots.

10 Archers didn't do much.
15 Archers killed 1 Carrion and my Mage killed another.

The SM made short work of the HA and overran like 4 inches.

Tomb Kings turn 1:

Failed charge with Sphinx at the SM
Liche moved into Warriors
Chariot and Carrion charge Spearmen
HA move around White Lions on my right.

I don't remember what K rolled, but I think he had 11 dice to my 5 or 6. I dispelled his bound spell from his Caskets and something else. He got -1 strength and toughness on my Spearmen.

1 Cat kills 1 Swordmaster
Other Cat kills a few Archers from the unit of 15 now 11.
40 Archers kill.....1 PG I really felt bad for K. 30 shots, I think like 8 or 9 hit, then 6 wounded. I roll 6 dice for the 5+ and get... 4 6's, then I save one more with the ward.

Chariots killed 6 with just impact hits, Spearmen kill 1 Chariot, then the Carrion and Chariot kill another 4. Steadfast Spearmen hold with BSB reroll.

Turn 2:

Not thinking about the Sphinx being toughness 8, I charged my SM into it. UGH! Somedays I wonder what is going on in my head. I mean, seriously. No clue why I did this.
Flank charged with PG into the side of the Chariots. Made it.
Charged the Tomb Gard with my WL. Needed a 7 with 2 dice. Failed and moved forward 2 inches. Failed charge with Noble against Archer unit.
Eagles each move towards a Cat.

Another high winds and banner. I believe it was around 10. Cast Shield of Thorns on the Spearmen. Shield of Thorns ends up killing single Carrion. It also kills 2 Chariots. My attempt to cast Dwellers on his Warrior unit was dispelled.

10 Archers kill a few Archers.
15 Archers and Mage kill about 3 HA.

Phoenix Guard and Spearmen kill all but 1 Chariot and I lose 5 Spearmen in the process.
SM deal 2 wounds to Sphinx. In return, the Sphinx obliterates them all. Then, the Sphinx overruns into Noble on Eagle.

Tomb Kings Turn 2

Archers rear charge PG.
Tomb Guard attempt to charge White Lions, needing onlya 5 and end up rolling a 4. Failing to charge, they move forward 2 inches.

Average winds of magic. I dispelled K's attempt to use the Casket's bound spell. Now that I'm out of dice, K cast Regen on the Warriors, Archers, and Chariots. Archers go to full strength while the Chariots gain an extra Chariot.

One Cat blows up and the 2nd Cat scatters.

Spearmen and Phoenix Guard kill 2 Chariots. Spearmen reform to face the Archers. Phoenix Guard kills 4 Archers and the Archers kill 3 Phoenix Guard in return. Phoenix Guard combat reforms to face Archers.
Noble and Eagle inflict 1 more wound on the Sphinx. Sphinx kills Noble and the Eagle flees a long distance, causing the Sphinx to come up short on it's pursuit.

High Elves Turn 3

The White Lions charge and reach the Tomb Guard. Finally somebody puts the pillows down.
The Eagle who lost it's Noble rallies.
The Eagle closest to the Cat charges.
The Eagle closest to the Casket charges.

High winds of magic again around 11. I cast Dwellers on the Warriors unit, causing half to disappear.

10 Archers put a wound on the Sphinx, leaving it with 1 wound remaining.
15 Archers finally finish off HA.

White Lions deal 6 wounds to the Tomb Guard, while receiving around 8 in return. White Lions lose combat, fail their stubborn leadership test, and flee.
Phoenix Guard does around 25 wounds to Archers, cauing the Archers to lose combat. In theend, a lot more Archers crumbled, leaving only 5.
The 1 Eagle takes out a Cat.
The other Eagle deals 1 wound to the Casket and then is killed for its effort.

K regretfully concedes/ we run out of time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Popped the Cherry on the 8th Ed. Tomb Kings!

Well, it was a dried out cherry with a resemblance of a dried up blood booger. Arnie and I got our first game in since we are 98% done with the New A/C install. (side note: Thanks D for ALL the help!) High Elves vs Tomb Kings was the matchup. Standard Pitched Battle with open board was the easiest and quickest setup due to limited time. After much playtesting and list building Arnie finished his list for the lofty elves. Derived of his model inventory and several play test builds his list proved to be very solid against the dusty TK.

The first list was compiled after reading the new Tomb Kings book and from an inventory of TK models. (and 10 mins at a break at work) The list has some new and retooled units to explore the new book. Can the Warsphinx deliver damage to infantry? Will the Warsphinx get shot to death before reaching combat? What is the new magic lore like and is it effective? Those were some the questions sprinting through my mind. Next up the list:
2500 point army

Liche High Priest lvl 4, 4+ Ward, Tomb Scroll thingy 25 pointer(pwr lvl3 get rid of RiP spell on 2+ get D3 PD)

Tomb Prince GW shield armor of fortune(HA, 5+ Ward) Dragonbane Gem(2+ Ward against fire) goes in tomb guard

40 skellies shield full cmd

40 archers full cmd

9 chariots plain

2 units of 5 archer cav

31 Tomb Guard full cmd

Warsphinx with breath attack

3 carrion

2 Screaming Skull Catapult

1 Casket of Souls!

The Next post I will explain what I found out with the dusty Tomb Kings. I went character light to test the effectiveness of more troops and variety over herohammer. Please comment below on criticism and list build. Also what has your experience been with or against the new TK book?

Friday, May 13, 2011


It has been a long time since K or I posted anything on here. WE are all but done with his new A/C system. We have been talking about getting a game in soon. We are getting to the point of trying to figure out who gets the first crack at the Tomb Kings. AI am really looking forward to playing something other then Empire. I have yet to find a good way as the High Elves to beat the Empire. So far what I have seen out of the 2 new books, I really like the direction GW is going. Well that's all for now, more up dates to come.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back and Forth

I have been jumping around lately, and it's more then likely been hurting me. I love playing different Races case they can be so different but I think it has held me back. Trying to stick with just 2 to keep jumping back and forth to. I have been really happy with the progress of the Beastmen to keep wanting to push on with them. I don't want to give up on the High Elves just yet. Between K and I, we have come up with a few new twists with them. Almost everywhere I read people keep saying you need the "Book" or Telics to win. I hate this!! I think both are cheese and I refuse to use cheese. K and I kept looking at different things we have done with the HE and keep come back to a few things. 1) The Core Sucks!!! Plain and simple. Make the best of it. Right now I am running a unit of around 35 Spearmen with Full Cmd. Two units of Archers, 12 and 14. 2) Phoenix Guard are great. Now I know that is not a surprise but they are one of the few things that have never changed in my army. 3) There are only a few armies that can truly excel while using Cav, and I think High Elves are one of them. While I may prefer Infantry, I still like to win. All infantry is a sure way to get yourself frustrated.

With all that, my army has change a good bit since first playing 8th.
Lord, GW, 2+(Re-role-able)4+ Ward, Barded Warhorse, Crown of Command
Archmage, Lvl 4, x-spell, 4+ Ward
BSB, GW, 2+(Re-role-able)

35 Spearmen Full Cmd
14 Archers
12 Archers

24 Phoenix Guard, Full Cmd, Banner of Sorcery

Here is where things get interesting.
13 Dragon Princes, Musician, Champ w/ Unit gaining Magical Attacks
15 Swordmasters
13 Dragon Princes
15 White Lions full Cmd

Not sure what to do with the last bit.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well it has been a while since either of us have updated. The main reason for the is the installation of K's new HVAC system. I decided to take the few minutes I have here to do a quick up date to let everyone know i got stomped by K's Dino's. My Beastmen had been having ok games vs his Empire, so I guess it was a good test. It has really brought around some changes to my army. No longer do I feel safe trying to hide my 4 low level shamans alone. they are now accompanied with 10 Raiders. I dropped the level 3 infavor for another killy Lord. Other then that not much has changed.